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Call Center Acknowledgment Spiels

Acknowledging clients is a basic component of customer service, which is provided the instance a customer walks in the company gates or makes a call in the case of the call center industry. A recorded acknowledgment spiel usually receives the call of a client which acknowledges the importance of the customer while explaining that an agent will attend to the customer as soon as one is available. While the customer waits, the recorded spiel would normally provide information about the company products or options for the customer to wait or get a call back. The recorded spiel would also sometime include an apology for not being able to immediately attend to the customer. At this point, the acknowledgment spiel can make or break the call. An impatient client put down the phone, a waiting client may get irritated or a demanding client might consider finding a replacement product or service from the one that he is calling about.

Acknowledgement spiels are not only used for greeting the client and accepting a call. It is also used at the end of the call to greet farewell to the client to leave a client with high spirits and hopes which is critical for developing good will and customer loyalty. The main purpose of the acknowledgement is make customers feel important or valued. Apparently, customers are really valuable because without them, the company will not generate profits and survive. They are the very reason why a call center company existed.

There are different ways to create an acknowledgment spiel. The most common approach is by starting with a thank you to the caller for calling. For instance, Thank you for calling “Speedy Net”, how may I help you. Another strategy in making spiels is by making a personalized approach to the call. For instance, Thank you, Mr. White or Michael, for calling.

The acknowledgment spiel can also be uttered during the entire conversation especially when confirming or validating an information provide by the client. For instance, One can simply say Thank you for that information or I appreciate what you said about blah blah blah. This is supplemented by clarifying what the customer provided by saying, What you said means that.. so on and so forth.

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