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Call Center Agent Commits Suicide in Cebu

According to witnesses, a call center agent jumped off the rooftop of I2 building in Cebu IT Park.   The call center agent was working for Convergys Philippines.  The agent apparently left a suicide/farewell note using his Facebook account.

What ever happens today it is because of Helen Grace Binondo Gonzaga of Microsoft ADP on Convergys i2 Building, with alias v-2hegon or v-2hegon1…. Gi buwagan ko nia for no reason and I just find out nga naa d i cia lain guy nameds Brian of what so ever company (IDK), well to all my friends and family thank you for all the support and guidance, I’m so sorry if I fail you guys for just a girl named

Well thank you for all the support and everything. To my papa and mama sorry if I fail you because of just one girl named Helen Grace Binondo Gonzaga, she tgmay not be rightful for me but I loved her so much and I can’t accept the fact the she left me. than you Wendell, Mary Clare; Trisha, Nizami Talamban, Tae sa Kandings and Most of all the Paquito&Nunila Antigua Li Coven for being there for me.
Guys sorry If i Really do fail you, it’s just that I feel deeply inlove with Helen Grace Binondo Gonzaga, with alias of v-2hegon or v-2hegon1, IDK what is with her but all I Know is that I love her, To my jsister May Roxanne Gulle Antigua you know my accounts use it to support Mama and Papa.
To my Mama and Papa I love you so much and thank you for nurturing me.
To Cathlia ColoniaRivera Edullantes pls. tell Helen Grace Binondo Gonzga also known in FB as Gracee Gee that I love her so much and I just can’t live without her.
To Nizami thank you for the suppor most specially to Charles Go and Marvy Omega.
To Jeffrey Espina, Teejay; Michael Ian, Mark, Spike, Claire, Torsha and Mommy Ka Ren thank you so much.
To: Ian Rmirez, April Clavano, Ricky boi, TL Marvin Anthony Kim Mueva thjank you for the experince
To: Mommy
Lorelie Vasquez Juntilla: thank you for everything and sorry for the mess.
Pray for my soul to keep
Pls. tell my mama, papa and my sister that I love them so much.
Pls. also tell Helen Grace Binondo Gonzaga that I love her so much and because of this I will be watching over her and will guard her.
Good bye everyone and I will never forget the friendship and everything that you had given to me. I love you all, most specially to Mrs. Helen Grace Binondo Gonzga also known as Gracee Gee in facebook, I can;t tag her cause she blocked me on facebook, Gi buwagan ko nia without any certain reason and that hurts me the most, specially seeing her with other guys dancing, laughing and having fun with.
All i Know at this very end is that I Love her Unconditionally despite of all the intriga that she has been with master Besa, Tl Estoy, Ivylenz and MaLdito but still I accepted her as what she is, regardless of her past but she Abused, Abandoned, Drop, Dumped and taken me for granted.
But do not blame her for my Death, it’s just me who cannot moved on cause I love her so much and that my World evolves with her but she left me after all the sacrifices I’ve made.
Pls. tell Mrs. Helen Grace Binondo Gonzaga that I love her so much and that even if I’m dead I will continue watching her and make sure that she wont fall into the wrong hands of advantageous guys.
To Helen Grace Binondo Gonzaga a.k.a in FB as Gracee Gee: I love you so much and that even my death could not stop me from loving you……
-19Ernie Cadjong Antigua Jr.89-

It is sad to know not everyone understand what depression can do to you. An advice to people who feel like killing themselves because of really painful reasons, surround yourself with friends. Never leave a minute of alone time. Because your mind will be filled with dark thoughts. Sad to know this guy wasn’t able to think about it. Not even his friends and family were able to sense his depression.

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