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Call Center Agent Must Haves

If you have been working in the call center industry for quite a while now, you would probably smile to yourself as you read along this article. Not because what you would be reading is funny or anything, but because you will find that most statements are relatable to you and true. Now, if you are one of those who plan to apply and be part of this industry, you would most probably find this article helpful. Here you would find out the things that you would certainly find in a call center agent’s locker.

Sweatshirts, hoodies, jackets and blazers. If you are already an agent for months (or years), then this article of clothing must be dominant in your closet. If you are a newbie, then, it would be a good thing to invest in these, because the oh-so-cold night when you are about to leave the house for work would not seem friendly, especially during the last months of the year. Furthermore, the central air-conditioning system in your office would not leave you in peace – it will chill you to the bones.

Spill-proof mugs, tumblers, water containers. Even if you have been in the graveyard shift forever that does not give the guarantee that you would not feel sleepy during shift. Coffee is going to be your number one best friend. Good thing, most of the call center companies provide free coffee for the employees. All you have to do is secure yourself a mug. Just be sure it is spill-proof so to avoid spillage in your workstation that causes those icky sticky marks.

Blanket, small pillow, sleeping bag. Okay, not all may have sleeping bags in their lockers, but most of them, especially girls, have blankets and pillow. This is for when the shift is so unbearably tiring that they couldn’t help but just grab these sleeping must haves and find a corner in the sleeping area where they could snuggle and rest.

Alarm clocks (digitals are the best). And because none of them wants to be tagged late just because they overslept, and they are not allowed to bring phones inside the operations floor where most of the sleeping quarters are located, an alarm clock has also become an essential. It does not need to be loud, just enough for the owner to be informed that it is time to work.

See, if you are smiling right now, then you must be an agent with all these necessities in his or her locker. Well, for those newbies out there, now you know what to bring.

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