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Call Center Agent Retention

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Call center agent retention is very important issue in a company. While there may be a steady supply of call center employees available in the market, a high turn over rate in a company is inefficient and costly. It is inefficient because an unstable roster of agents can be damaging to the company. It is costly because the company will unnecessarily keep on spend time and money on hiring and training over and over again to replace employees who are leaving.

Call center agent retention also concerns the team leader in a call center business. An agent whose attitude is good and performs well in the company will likely be retained especially if one can defend that he/she is an asset in the company. There are many ways to encourage an agent to stay on a call center job. First is to offer the agent many choices on work hours and conditions. Some agents prefer working a fixed schedule (e.g. night shift) instead of rotating working hours.

Different working hours means adjusting to the new work hours time and time again. Some agents who prefer night shift schedules should be left that way. Some agents who prefer rotating hours should also be given said privilege. What is ultimately important is that the office is sufficiently staffed 24 hours a day and adequate agents are available during peak hours. In other words flexibility is one of the cheapest ways of building morale and retaining agents.

Another strategy for retaining an agent is just compensation good enough for them not to be tempted to leave the company. Try to offer a competitive rate for similar jobs in the area.

Good co-workers who are easy to get along with is another factor for encouraging agent retention. Staying in a company surrounded with friendly people is a good sign. An agent who feels out-of-place or isolated is likely to leave the company.
That is why maintaining a harmonious relationship to co-workers is a big factor. The best morale tactics is to split the center into teams, give them separate names, symbols or other persona that fits to their jobs, and give them the incentives in providing a job well done, in this reasons, it will provide and produce a support and encouragement on the members.

An agent who feels important, needed and valued stays in the company. This can be shown in simple way such as praising agents for a job-well done. Praising the agents gives motivation on their part. They should be reminded that their jobs and contribution in the company are valued.

Finally, Routine work creates boredom, and boredom is deadly. Try to eliminate boredom by doing a cross-training to combat boredom on the part of an agent. Give them a several different jobs and switching them around regularly, alleviate repetitions and making the agents feel fresh again on their team

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