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Call Center Agents Gaining Weight

Posted on November 29, 2020 | No Comments on Call Center Agents Gaining Weight

For people whose work involves sitting at least 8 hours a day everyday, weight gain is most likely. Thus, call center agents are indeed prone to gain weight. This is especially true for agents who have been on this type of job for years and have clearly adjusted to the demands of the work. In which case, these agents needed to find ways to trim down their bellies for aesthetic and healthful reasons.

Aesthetic reasons because one gains confidence if one looks good. Healthful reasons because people who are obese or overweight are more susceptible to diseases and sickness. Finding time to exercise, to work out and go to the gym during the day is just about time management. One can also engage in simple exercise such as walking.

In as much as call center agents may be susceptible to weight gain because of the nature of the job, still others are also susceptible to lost weight. This is especially common among newbie call center agents who have not adjusted to the night schedules. The lack of sleep, loss of appetite and the pressures of work are the common factors that contribute to their weight loss. In lieu of which, these agents must learn how to adjust to their new schedules and learn how to relieve pressure and stress at work by taking breaks, entertaining themselves as well as through exercise.

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