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Call Center American Management

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Majority of multinational call center companies in the Philippines is owned, ran and managed by an American. Call center employees and agents should therefore acculturate themselves with American style management in order to fit in the company and use it to their advantage in order to climb the corporate ladder. Whilst most of our management books are written by Americans, most Filipinos are already familiar with American style management. However, it is quite different when theory is put into practice. Here is an overview of American style management in a call center company, to allow prospective call center employees a glimpse of how American management is quite different than what we read in books.

Americans are known to be aggressive when it comes to business. Thus, they tend to be aggressive in pursuing risk and grabbing opportunities for development. This is why time is of utmost importance among Americans. A call center employee should therefore value time in as much as Americans do by strict compliance to schedules, attendance and presence to every assignment, task, or event one is required to attend. It also goes without saying that key employees in the company should always be on call if demanded by circumstances. This is in contrast to the Filipino value that provides utmost leniency especially in terms for the need of an employee to balance work and family.

Aggression also entails speed because opportunities may come only once. Americans tend to always be in a hurry. They set short target dates and expect for the completion of things immediately. However, they generously credit and reward people who deliver in quality on time. For them timing constitutes a critical component of quality. Moreover, they provide their full support to employees in order to deliver. They will give you all the equipment, training, transportation and other incentive you’ll need to finish a job that is why they will demand and may find no reason for you to fail. This is in stark contrast to Filipino management, which values interpersonal matters, which may sometimes impede in one’s successful delivery of service. This is why American management seemed to be strict and less lenient to failures and is less sympathetic or considerate to personal problems.

American management values teamwork in the pursuit of things. This is why it extracts the unparalleled commitment of each and every employee to the company. This is also why the company tends to be selective of their employees, who are often generously compensated. It also values competence over anything else. Hence, if you think you have what it takes to be the best of what you can be, getting employed in a company managed by Americans will surely help you achieve the top of your career.

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