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Call Center Aptitude Test Tips

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The aptitude test in a call center is a test designed to determine an applicant’s ability in specific skill or field of knowledge. Thus, the aptitude test would depend in the nature of the service provided by the call center. For instance, the ability to listen and type codes is a common aptitude test for a call center that provides freight monitoring customer service. Meanwhile, the ability to listen and spontaneously converse with customers is an aptitude test for a call center that provides telemarketing. In any which way, most aptitude test in a call center is comprised by communication skills, technical skills and customer service skills. Following are some tips to these tests.

For communication skills, one tip is to demonstrate a neutral accent. Too Filipino, too American, too British or too Australian sounding may be incomprehensible to customers. A neutral accent during the interview means one can be trained.
During interviews, the ability to express oneself in English is most important. It is not the ability to speak English per se with narrow content.

Listening skills are very important, one common exam to test listening skills is where examinee listens to an order, which could be a code, an item, and other details such as schedule of delivery, order schedule, place of delivery etc. and the examinee enters these details as requested in the appropriate position. One can opt to take notes first or write the codes in a separate sheet of paper before entering them in the computer.

For technical skills, this would often involve typing skills as well as the basics of using the computer. Typing skills involved entering words correctly and following instructions. For tech support applicants however, technical skills would be a little more complicated. This may include knowing how to open C prompt, opening the network panel, among many others.

Finally, think positive and be confident. The exams are usually easy. However, some applicants are just too nervous to answer questions correctly.

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