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Call Center Attendance Policy

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In the technology world communication with customers is a vital key in marketing business. That is the reason that BPO business through call centers is a thriving industry in the Philippine setting. Manila, Makati City, Ortigas in Pasig, Cubao and now in locations outside the skirts of Metro Manila thousands are call center agents working 24/7 at 365 days in their workplace. This scenario brought a big change in the cultural setting of the Philippine economy.

However, in a call center environment time and presence is the essence of the business. Hence, there is what one call as the call center attendance policy. So what is this policy all about? The policy is a metrics tool of the actual presence of call center agent even in times of the actual working time and in correlation with holidays based on a certain specific cultural country.

This is another cultural policy that changed many people’s lifestyle. In a call center attendance policy, the number of holidays and non-holidays are taken into account in the country that the call center is serving. For example, if clients of the call center company are in Australia more likely that the Australian time holidays are being observed by the company.

Since application varies in the time of holidays in parallel to Philippine setting, adjustments and learning curves are in the open. And to avoid any conflicts and absentees in the process the call center attendance policy should be laid out to every employee.

In addition, schedules should be laid out in a flexible manner, give penalties to employees who does not follow the policy, design metrics for possible promotions and give incentives to encourage attendance of employees.
In summary, call center management should always be people-oriented not only to the viewpoint of the customers, but, give employees motivation to work well by giving opportunities of growth in their careers.

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