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Call Center Bloopers

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Filipinos have been labeled as one of the happiest people in the world despite being beset with poverty, corruption, and other problems that make life miserable. This ability to be happy can be attributed to the Filipino’s strong social community. According to Claudia Wallis, a psychologist of happiness, the happiest people in world are those who possess stronger social ties with families and friends, which no amount of wealth, knowledge, prosperity or material things can replace. And indeed, one way that Filipinos demonstrate these strong social ties is their knack in making a comedy or parody of things. This same is true in work like in the call center industry. Many local call center agents find or create amusing jokes and gags in their experiences in the call center, which evolve primarily because of the cultural and language difference. They make fun of these things, which in some instances can cause their work.

In the call center industry, most bloopers evolve from miscommunication, which is a mortal sin in the industry but may be funny to many Filipinos. Filipinism for instance is one cause of these call center bloopers. This pertains to our use of localized English, which somehow is not comprehensible to foreigners. Another common source of blooper is the miscommunication caused by inability to appropriately understand a word because of incorrect pronunciation. Finally, miscommunication also arises from the people’s use of certain lingos especially shortened abbreviations or initials, to which most lay people may not be familiar or may interpret it to mean differently.

Call center bloopers also arise from the creative genius of some people to make fun of what is right. For instance, the ability of Filipinos to imitate and fake accents sometimes get in the way of faking different accents. Some agents imitating a British accent sometimes tend to sound like an Indian or in some cases, even an Arab, while those imitating an American accent tend to naturally sound like a black American.

Call center bloopers have formed part of the local landscape for call centers. They are not meant to deride people just for the fun of it but are meant to relieve employees from the pressures and stress in working in the office.

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