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Best Call Center Career Path

Posted on March 28, 2017 | No Comments on Best Call Center Career Path

Working in the call center does not mean you are going to take calls and interact with your customers forever. At some point, you also need to think about what lies ahead, what career path you are going to take after a year or two. There must be lots of opportunities presented to you that you might want to grab. Yet, there’s still a big question in your head – what do I want to do in the call center industry, apart from taking calls? Here is your quick guide to know which upward move you are going to take.

You are always concerned about your team’s stats. You always aim for the best. Your teammates listen and do what you suggest for them to perform better. Having these qualities, then you ought to be a team leader. The team leader, or sometimes known as the supervisor is responsible for the team stats, and always make sure that everyone is doing well, not only in their scorecards, but also in the personal sense.

You are known to be the issue-resolver. You always get the perfect QA scores and you know all the products and services even when fast asleep. If you are just being described, then you have two choices – a quality analyst or a product trainer. Both positions are in need of technical skills and expertise. Thus, you need to be an expert when it comes to the company’s SOPs as well as the products and services. As a quality analyst, you are expected to listen to the agents’ calls, both live and recorded and have the calls graded. A product trainer, on the other hand, provides training to the new-hire agents.

You are the grammar guru of the team. Apart from the fact that you excel in your calls, you are always commended for being polite over the phone and always know the right words to say to your customers. If this is you, then you ought to be a speech trainer. Before the new-hire agents are deployed in the operations floor, they are subjected to undergo speech training to polish their grammars, pronunciation and other elements in their communication skills. You are also going to train them about proper customer service etiquette. Your being a grammar guru, as well as your nice choice of words are probably your greatest asset here.

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