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Call Center Closing Phrases

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It is important to make a lasting impression with your customer. Your conversation should always end on a positive note. Here are some closing phrases you can use to end your call.

“Thank you for calling (name of company), we are glad to be of service to you.” This is the most common closing statement that agents often give to customers. Another way of closing the call is by simply saying “Thank you and have a nice day”. However, here are other alternative ways of closing a call with a customer after successfully providing a service:

“Thanks for calling. Have good day”
“Thanks for calling; please never hesitate to call us again if you need us”
“Thank you for your patience. I am glad we could resolve your concern.”
“Thanks. It was a pleasure talking with you.” Please do call us again, if you have any questions.”
“Thanks, I am happy to be of service to you”
“Thank you, I hope were able to help you.”
“Thanks for calling and for your patience.”
“Thank you, we appreciate doing business with you.”
“Thanks for placing your order with us.”
“Goodbye, and thanks for calling.”
“Thanks for calling and have a nice day.”
“Thanks we appreciate your call.”
“I am glad to be of service, thanks.”
“Thank you very much for calling”
“Thanks. It is nice to hear from you. We are grateful to your call.”

Finally, as a sign of courtesy, the customer agent should always let the customer hang up first before they end the call. This simple courtesy allows the customer a final chance to add something in case he or she forgets something and wants to talk further or inquire further.

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