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Call Center Coaching

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Call center coaching is the process of providing additional instructions to a call center employee or agent by the supervisor or manager for the purpose of reinforcing learning. Unlike training, in which learning is often provided via a seminar, coaching is focused and personalized in nature. By focus, it is more concentrated in addressing a particular area to be improved. By personal, it means the supervisor/mentor provides better monitoring on the individual employee.

In call center coaching, the first step for a manager, supervisor or team leader to do is to properly identify the person or agent who needs coaching. While all employees generally may need coaching to improve themselves, supervisors as coaches prioritize which employees need the help the most.

The second step that a coach must do is identify the problematic that needs to be address or the particular skills that an agent needs to further develop. Among the most common specified skills that an agent needs to develop included: controlling conversation, identifying needs of caller, handling irate customers, projecting willingness to help, honesty, paying attention or listening skills and focus. By identifying the problem, coaches can now clearly establish the objective or goals of the coaching must achieve.

The process of coaching per se differs in the style and the goal to be attained by the coach. Coaching to improve listening skills is obviously different from coaching to improve sales skills. The former may entail one’s momentary silence to listen to a customer while the latter may entail continuous effort on the part of the agent to stimulate interest of a potential buyer. Despite this, there are general tips that a coach can follow when coaching.

Be Specific. As discussed above, coaching is specific. The coach is expected to provide practical ways to develop a skill instead of some theoretical explanation.

Make it natural. Coaching is usually done inside the office where all people work. Coaches should therefore be a little cautious in helping the agents so as not to be misinterpreted as scolding. Coaches should sincerely show that they intend to help and avoid demonstrating their superiority over the agent.

Be Consistent. Some coaches give conflicting instructions of how to do things which can confuse an employee. When giving training, coaches should clearly establish the parameters when can employee actually apply what he/she learns.

Engage employee. Coaching just like learning is a two way process. Coaches do not simply provide answers to agents who become static receptacles of information. Instead, the employees should themselves proactively get involved in the coaching process by helping identify problems and suggesting solutions as well.

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