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Call Center Core Values

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Core values essentially differ depending on the values of the founders or management of the company. But since the call center industry is about customer service. The core values of call center companies often focuses or relates in attaining great customer experience delivery. In lieu of which, hereunder are some core values that generally applies to the call center industry.

Golden Rule. Do unto others as you would have them do to you or don’t do unto others what you don’t want others do unto you. Customers are people. Agents themselves are potential customers. Providing service to customers can be guided by the simple rule of placing yourself in their shoes. Apparently, as a customer, you want to be treated politely and with respect and you want your concern to be resolved in the fastest possible way.

The devil lies in details. Customer service should focus on small things and these are usually the things that provide the biggest impact to a customer. For instance, management should be specifically describe what ought to be done by agents from preparing the scripts, adherence to a particular system, sequence and organization of conversation or dialogue up to closing or wrapping up a call. Management looks at every facet of the customer service i.e. key performance indicators and addresses them religiously. There is an apparent endeavor on the part of the company to perfect the customer service.

The human touch. One of the biggest disadvantages of remote communications especially when it is purely verbal communication is the impersonality of both parties. This is especially disadvantageous on the part of the customer because one cannot see the sincerity, truthfulness and other important virtues that one uses to evaluate an customer service representative. In lieu of which, call center companies should exert extra effort in finding ways to personalize or put a human element in their service such as by referring to customers by name, providing personal assistance like initiating to call a customer after request and others.

Smile. For a customer service to be good, it should be delivered with a smile. In the call center industry, agents are required to smile while talking because while the customers cannot see the smile of the agent, the smile is expressed or transmitted in the way agents communicate. Smiling also creates the necessary open and happy disposition on the part of the agent necessary to give a happy service.

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