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Call Center De-escalation Tips

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Call center de-escalation tips pertains to a range of strategies to help agents decrease the intensity of a conflict or potentially violent clash between a customer and an agent. Hereunder are some tips for call center agents.

Remain calm. Keep yourself cool and compost at all costs. Take control of the situation by avoiding reacting from the personal verbal attacks of a customer. Instead of retorting back through sarcastic remarks, hand the phone over to someone or transfer the call to someone more capable of providing the help needed by customer.

Apologize. Apologize in a genuine manner and not in the impersonal or insincere manner. Customers want to get your sympathy for his or her cause. In which case, you can allow the customer to rant to help him or her release frustration and disappointment.

Provide options. After learning and objectively listening to the customer issue, provide him options that best provides a resolution to his cause without compromising company objectives. If the customer asks you to commit for a promise, stay true to your word by only accepting promises that are workable.

Give the customer what she wants. Instead of arguing with a customer, provide answers by referring the customer to a website or the policy that he or she can access to correct any misinformation. Avoid candidly telling customer that he is wrong. One should always maintain humility and courtesy at all times.

Provide a freebie. One way to calm down an irate customer is offer him something free especially if the problem pertains to be on your side. Offering something free is one oblique way of giving a peace offering and compensates the customer for the damage or harm done. This will help appease and satisfy the customer.

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