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Call Center Empathy Examples

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Empathy is the capacity to put oneself in the shoes of another to know emotionally what the other feels thereby allowing one to understand the person from within the point of view of that person. This attribute is an important skill of a call center agent who often engages in customer service because it allows them to better understand customers and better serve them. Apparently, one can better know to serve a person if one understands his needs. In whatever which way one wishes to learn and measure call center empathy, such can only be measured and facilitated in the response of an agent. Hereunder are four phrases with corresponding examples of how a call center agent can express empathy to the clients.

I Understand. The most obvious way to express one’s sympathy to a customer is utter the words, I understand. In any script, the easiest way to express sympathy is using the simplest word which is easily understandable. Examples using this phrase included: “I can understand that you feel upset and we are working to find a resolution for your concern.” Another is “I understand its difficult for you that’s why we need to see what we can do.”

I’m Sorry. One way to express empathy to feel sorry, remorseful or regretful to what the customer is undergoing through. Apologizing is one way to ease the pain, discomfort or trouble of a person. And as a representative of the company, an agent actually asks for apology in behalf of the company. A common example for this is “I apologize for your inconvenience”, “I’m sorry to hear that” or to make it more emphatic, one can say I am really sorry to hear that.

Interjections. Interjections are a part of speech which are used to expressed an emotion including the expression of apology, understanding and empathy. This can be expressed by adding interjections in remorseful statements. Examples of which included, “Oh, my goodness”, “I am sorry for that” or “That’s horrible”, “That’s terrible” and the like.

“I Would” While empathy is important, it is even more important for a call center agent to act on the situation by providing a resolution to address the concern of a customer. This is usually expressed by saying “I would” in telling what to do. The phrase “I would or I will” is an indirect way of making a promise to the customer of what one will do to address the concern of a customer.

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