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Call Center Ghost Stories

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Ghosts are practically everywhere. If man is able to successfully land on Mars one day, it is not far from possible that a ghost story in Mars will also arise. In the call center industry, ghost stories are also prevalent. Some may be true while others may be fabricated. The proliferation of ghost stories in the industry has become popular because the industry has all the right ingredients for making up stories. For one, the call center industry is a night industry. Most agents work at night when most everyone else is at home. Night and midnight sets the perfect ambiance for a ghost story. It has been conventionally thought the underground and mystical creatures come out in the night – night creatures so to speak. Apparently, seeing a white lady in the afternoon may not be as scary as it would be. Night time is dark and silent, perfect for a ghost story, and the time when most agents are at work.

Ghost stories may be true or may be imagined by people. Again, agents are also vulnerable to imagining things because most of them are fatigue or tired yet they try to keep themselves awake. The borderline between being asleep and being awake is like a twilight zone, when people see, dream or imagine things in their heads while being conscious at the same time. Its like having nightmares except one is awake. Imagining things is also common to people who are stressed and burn out. People hallucinate and project things which are deep seated at the minds. This could also be incited by hunger or lack of sleep. Meanwhile, some people use ghost stories to keep themselves awake. Getting frightened tends to increase secretion of adrenaline glands, which keeps people’s mind active, agile, alert and awake. On a more amusing note, some agents use ghost stories to get close to other agents. Boys tell ghost stories to draw ladies near them or to entertain newbies to place.

However ghost stories in the call center industry are made up and used. The development of ghost stories in general is a universal cultural phenomenon, which is use by people to explain, describe or recognize the unknown. After all, ghosts are spirits and we believe that human beings is one part physical and one part spiritual.

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