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Call Center Gimik Spots

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Notwithstanding the fact that all work and no play makes jack a dull boy, many call center agents often seek to have some good time once in a while to relieve themselves of the stress and pressures from work. In looking for Gimik spots, it is important that the Gimik spot operates 24 hours a day because call center employees unconventionally goes to gimmicks in the morning after their night shift work. Most call center companies are located in business districts where entertainment areas may be accessible. In fact, some call centers are even located inside malls where they can go for clean fun.

In Ortigas, there are numerous malls where one can go such as SM Megamall, Robinsons and Tiendesitas. However, call center employees who want to have some drinking spree usually goes to Metrowalk, which has different bars that are open 24 hours. Among the common venues for call center agents in the place included Muchos and “Eat my English”. Try to go there every Friday and it’s like one whole Call center company.

If you want something different, one can opt to go to Cubao X. This cool place has a strip of different music bars that has different themes that fit your kind of music and style. One can also opt to go to Eastwood in Libis Quezon City. One of the most highly recommended places there is “Something Fishy” because it is relatively cheap. One can have a nice time there for a little less than 200 pesos. The UP-Ayala Technohub is another known hangout place of call center agents because there are plenty of call center companies in the area.

However, if you simply want to have some good time with your friends, it would also be advisable to just go to one of your co-employee’s place. That would be cheaper and safer. You can also engage in a drinking spree without having to worry of where to sleep.

Getting out and going to gimiks is part of being a call center agent or an employee for that matter. However, agents should be warned of maintaining their sense of professionalism by making sure that one has the energy to get up and get ready for going to work the next day and the next night. It is always alright to have some fun but it should not get in the way of work.

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