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Call Center Hiring Process

Posted on December 14, 2017 | 2 Comments on Call Center Hiring Process

The hiring process in call center companies is a protracted and demanding task. It is so taxing that some companies even outsource the recruitment process to save them from the time and effort involved in sifting through the multitude of applicants and weeding out those which are not qualified.

The objectives of call center hiring much like any other companies are simple and clear-cut, to wit, contact the most qualified applicants, select prospective employees cautiously, conduct proper training, and retain the best employees.

There are different ways that the hiring process starts in a Call Center industry in the Philippines. One is initiated by an applicant who applies directly to a call center’s recruitment office by sending one’s application online via email, snail mail or going in the office and submitting it to the personnel department as a “walk-in” applicant.

Another common way is to get endorsement from a current employee in the company that invites the endorsed person for interview. Finally, another method is the coursing one’s application through an employment agency that conducts initial screening and provides recommendation to the identified call centers.

The hiring process in call center follows a meticulous and tough process which involves thorough painstaking screening practices set in different stages. First is the phone screening, in which applicants voice quality and initial ability to respond or handle calls are evaluated. This is followed by an initial interview in the company conducted by an HR specialist who conducts a more detailed and comprehensive assessment of the applicant’s language skills, behavior, attitudes and confidence.

This usually includes an evaluation of one’s personal strengths and weaknesses, personal goals, personal perception of company performance and job, self assessment, background of check of previous job among others. The screening stage also includes a written exam that test the EQ and IQ of applicant. In most cases a simulated call test is included to allow companies to assess required skills of the applicant in practice.

A final interview is then conducted for the evaluation of other pertinent skills required for the job such as customer service, computer and or marketing skills. Each stage of the screening process are critical and follows a hierarchical order which applicants should pass. Failure in one stage would disqualify the applicant to go to the next stage of the screening process.

After passing the final interview, applicants would still undergo intensive training in the company which usually lasts for one month. At this point, applicants are often labeled as trainees who receive allowances from the company but are not yet engage in the company service operations. This training includes an orientation to the company goals, mission/ vision, policies and values as well as further training on language skills, technical skills and marketing skills so that trainee attains the standards set by the company.

Those who successfully pass the training are still trained for the particular account that they will handle. Such training may take a few more weeks or may be incorporated in the 1 month training. When one is assigned to an account, then that is the time when someone is considered as a casual employee.

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    hi im looking for a job im only a highschool graduate,i hope im qualified tanx

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    Im a college level student at University of Nueva Caceres in Naga Im taking sp Education major in Social Studies.At this time I stoped for the 2nd semestre so that I think this job could help me financially and also it helps me to enhance my skills to communicate other people all over the world .Im seriously need a job.Thank you Sutherland.:-)

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