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Call Center Home Sourcing

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Call center home sourcing refers to outsourcing a call center to an independent home-based call center agent or contractor. Home sourced agents may also be referred as virtual assistants and are usually employed by small scale businesses. They are often directly outsourced by a company. Because the concept integrates the concept of outsourcing and telecommuting, home sourcing partakes of the benefits and advantages of both outsourcing and telecommuting.

Much like outsourcing, it helps a company reduced it costs by getting the services of an independent outsourcer because it helps minimize administrative costs especially relating to personnel costs for regular employees, electricity, space to be rented, equipment and even tax. It is also cheaper because it allows a company to outsource contractors in countries where labor is relatively cheaper.

While reducing cost, delegating a subsidiary function to a home based contractor allows the company to focus in its core line of business. On the other hand, the home-based contractor enjoys the benefits of telecommuting such as the convenience of working at home, not needing to travel, reducing transportation expenses and saving from the hassles of traffic and congestion, having more time and flexibility to attend to family, among others.

While there are clear advantages to call center home sourcing, there are also downsides to it. First of all, it does not necessarily apply to large scale call center business, in which company clients may require a more structured and more stable outsourcing company. Outsourcing company also loses a significant amount of control to the home-based contractor in terms of its commitment and adherence to the same objectives of the company, quality control, use of equipment, and the implementation of other company metrics to ensure service quality standards. If the outsourcer has internet connection problems for instance, the outsourcing company cannot do anything about it. They simply have to wait while damage is being done. In most instances, call center home sourcing is facilitated in the virtual world. Relationships are impersonal in nature and rests primarily on blind trust.

While the home-based contractor gets to reap the benefits of telecommuting, one however is not save from its disadvantages like not getting fringe benefits and incentives such as health insurance, allowances, company gifts and recognition, among others for not being a regular part of the company personnel. Although one gets away from paying taxes, which can augment one’s income, the outsourcing agent however needs to pay for one’s own equipment, electricity and internet and any other expenses relating to one’s work.

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