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Do you want to be a Call Center Hopper?

If you are working in a call center, you must already have heard of ‘call center hoppers‘. They are the employees or agents who move from one call center to the next for many and various reasons. You might have a lot of peers who are doing this, or you might even be one of them. What could be the possible reasons for these employees to hop from one company to the next? Here are some of their usual reasons.

In search of the greener pasture. This simply means the agents are in search of a company that provides better salary package and better compensation and benefits. These agents usually stays in the company for not more than six months. They submit their immediate resignation letter once they’ve heard a company that offers a lot more than what they are currently getting.

Less-toxic work or account. Some agents are okay with the salary, but they are not willing endure the toxic job brought about by high volume of calls, or the pressure of a difficult and sensitive accounts. Outbound and inbound sales, telemarketing, financial accounts and telecommunications are just some of the campaigns that are considered toxic. So they would look for a company where there is massive hiring for a simple account.

In search of a better management. If it is not the salary or the load of work, then it would be the management – basically the way the agents are being handled by the management team. There are some companies that appear to not care about their employees, and their employee requirements are just impossible to achieve.

They are not just good enough to be regularized. There are some who are really determined to stay for long – it’s just that they cannot produce the certain number that the company requires of them. They may quit before the regularization date, or their immediate supervisor would just give them the notice that their contract has already ended.

Keep in mind that you are considered a call center hopper if you have already been employed to several companies and your tenure usually do not exceed six months. This is something that would reflect badly in your employment records. As much as possible, stick to one company and give yourself the chance to grow in that company. There are lots of things that you can learn from them even if the salary is not that competitive. Remember that hard work and loyalty is always rewarded.

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