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Don’t Be a Call Center Hopper

Posted on February 3, 2016 | No Comments on Don’t Be a Call Center Hopper

You might have been working in a call center for, say, a couple of years now. However, you resume bears names of at least five companies in which you have worked for the past two years, and your stay in each of them does not exceed four months. You can now call yourself a call center hopper.

Being tagged as a call center hopper is not good. Companies would be under the impression that you do not intend on staying with them, and so when they see you resume that have been in a lot of companies just for a short period of time, they might be reluctant to get you hired. How to avoid being a call center hopper?
Here are some tips.

  1. Research about the company before submitting your resume. There are a lot of call center companies these days because of the high demands of manpower for customer care abroad. Things is, not all of them are reliable, and some companies are dubbed a fly by night. So before submitting your resume, consider doing a research about that company. Is the management okay? Is the compensation package impressive? Also, you could never go wrong by asking people what are their recommendations and opinions regarding that company.
  2. Learn how to be content. Let’s face it. There is no perfect company. The management might be crappy, but the compensation is really good. Or, management and compensation are both good, but the leave credits suck. One company cannot possibly offer you all the things you want, and so be content and accept the fact that indeed, nothing is perfect.
  3. Leave for the right reasons. Whether you feel like you’re bullied by the company policies, or maybe you don’t like the way you team lead handles the team, chances are, you would meet worse company policies and team lead if you switch companies. Leave for the right reasons. If you think that call center job is not for you, then maybe it is really time for you to draft that resignation letter.

Leaving the company you work for is not always the right solution for your problem. Unless you believe that there is a different career path waiting for you in another industry, or you no longer experience growth in the company where you currently work, then think things over for a lot of times before submitting that letter of resignation.

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