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Call Center Hoppers

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Call center hoppers are call center employees – usually agents – who move from one call center company to another. Call center hopping is a common phenomenon in the call center industry and contributes to the high attrition or employee turn over rate in the industry. There are numerous reasons why employees hop for one work place to another. The most common reason is to look for greener pastures. Another reason is the temporary tenure of their employment in their previous company.

Some agents only reach the trainee stage of a company and are forced to apply in other companies because their contracts have ended. Still, some employees decide to quit the industry because of their difficulty to adjust to the night shift schedule and the deprivation of employees to typical local vacation holidays. After quitting from a call center company, they find themselves having difficulty finding a regular day time job that provides sufficient compensation thus, they are again forced to apply to another call center company.

Whatever the reason for call center hopping, what is important for call center hoppers to know is how to land on another job without bearing the stigma of a call center hopper to get in the way for one’s successful employment. The trick to this is to make sure that one is not deemed as a call center hopper. This can be achieved by thinking of a valid and creative reason why you resign from your previous job. Personal reasons as well as monetary reasons are common yet acceptable clichés for resigning from work.

However, it would be important that the call center hopper applying for a new job would not criticize or compare one’s previous call center to the prospective employer. Criticizing one’s previous employer is never a good way to apply. More importantly, a call center hopper, who have previous experience of being in call center, should be able demonstrate and highlight one’s knowledge or extensive experience in the industry by preparing great answers for situational questions as well as relaying one’s planner contribution to the betterment of the company.

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