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Call Center in Dubai

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The boom of the call center industry is not only felt in the Philippines but in other countries as well like Dubai. In fact, Call centers have become a vital industry in the Dubai business sector that prides itself as one of the best developed organizational proficiencies in the world especially with the country’s adoption of the business outsourcing of support operations.

The contact services industry in Dubai is now used in the financial sector (e.g. banking, insurance institutions), telecom sector (communication support) as well as consumer goods sector (marketing, retail and after sales service). Because of the benefits provided by call centers, many companies have joined the bandwagon of outsourcing especially their customer service requirements to save money and focus on their core operations.

The boom of call center companies in Dubai followed a brief interruption following the financial crisis that hit the nation in 2009. Many call center companies in Dubai and in UAE in general faced bankruptcy and closure for the failure of many customers to pay their bills. The economic crisis also forced some companies to cut back on their services.

However, companies which were affected are mostly the smaller call centers, which 60 or less employees. With the national economy back on track, the call center industry in Dubai is starting to restore its vibrant growth that it had before. Among the most stable Call center companies in Dubai included the following: Dubai-Global-Services.com is an integrated computer telephony service company located in Dubai Internet City that specializes in customer service.

With its prospective expansion programs, the company is in the search for experience call center agents with excellent fluency in Arabic and/or English language both verbal and written. The Contact Centre is another contact management based at Ajman, UAE that specializes in the delivery of various call centre solutions such as sales and marketing, and sales services support and technical support.

The Akkad Holding is a leading call center company based in Dubai that provides customized solutions to customer contact center needs and expanded its outsourcing services such as customer relationship management, web based database management, and remote client access and control, among others. Finally, the Buzz Contact Center Solutions is one of the pioneer contact centers in the Middle East that provide outsourced solutions re-engineered procedures and value-added services to its customers.

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