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Call Center Incentives

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Incentive programs in the call center industry are especially formulated for reduce employee turnover, which is a distinct characteristic of call center jobs, improve employee productivity and loyalty by engendering employee loyalty to the company and increasing employee attendance rates, which will ultimately result to enhance customer satisfaction and redound to the achieving the objectives and goals of the company.

A common misconception among many managers is that money is the key motivating factor for employees. This may specially be applicable for jobs which are routinely by nature such as a call center work. However, there are other more important things that managers should address in order to effective motivate employees aside from financial rewards.

First on the list is recognition which can be given through awarding of plaques. Recognition is one incentive for call center employees because it gives them a sense of self fulfillment if they are appreciated. It makes people feel good that they are doing a good job. Most importantly, it renders the feeling of being valued by the company. Recognition for a job well done can be given in many different ways aside from giving a plaque of recognition. With the permeation of a pragmatic society, this can be awarded in more practical ways such as by giving gifts such as a box of chocolates, tickets to a movie or a vacation trip, champagne and other goods like groceries, rice, charity vouchers, a luxury hamper and gift cards, among others things in kind.

In another instance, some companies give special items to the employees, which are exclusively given to them such as a special pen, a bag and other things, which bear the company logo. This drives a feeling of social belongingness for being part of the prestigious company. In some cases, some companies provide paid day offs for the employee for a job well done.

Another alternative to a cash incentive is career advancement. One effective incentive given to call center agents is the opportunity to grow in one’s career. This would translate to a promotion, which would in turn increase one’s responsibility and authority with the corresponding increase in remuneration apparently. This could also be in the form of study, in which the company finances or sponsors the study or training of the employee here or abroad for the employee to improve his/ her skills and prepare him/ her for higher company positions.

It must be noted that incentives should not necessarily cater to the external needs of the employee. It should equally consider the intangible things that money can’t buy such as prestige, sense of belongingness, finding a sense of meaning in life, being appreciate and valued and most of all finding a sense of self fulfillment.

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