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Call Center Job Hopping

Posted on November 26, 2020 | No Comments on Call Center Job Hopping

The call center industry is reputed for its turn over rate of employees. Employees especially call center agents move from one call center to another. Unlike in other industries, where lateral movement in between companies is very rare, this is a common trend in the call center industry. Moving from one call center company to another in a rather habitual manner is referred to as job hopping.

Job hopping in the call center industry is very common because most call center basically require the same qualifications set for applicants. Hopping is even made possible because call center companies often also consider the experience of an applicant from other call center companies. Once experience in one call center company makes one more employable in another call center company that provides bigger pay, which encourages employers to hop jobs. In some instances, some are force to job hop because their nature of employment is contractual. It has also become a trend for call center companies to hire contractual employees to save from administrative costs.

Job hopping in the call center industry may have its advantages. For one, it provides employees the opportunity to explore what they really want by going from one company to another without the usual risk of not finding a job. As have mentioned, one previous experience in a call center company makes one more employable. Another advantage in changing jobs is one’s social network expands as one get to meet more people, which would mean more opportunities. Moving from one company to another can also afford one a greater variety of experience in terms of learning new systems, new technology, new software and procedures, among others. Because one gets used to meeting something new, one develops greater flexibility and adaptability in adjusting to new work settings, new friends and new environment.

Job hopping in the call center industry may also have it disadvantages. For instance, one’s short employment in different companies may be interpreted as a deficiency on the part of an applicant for not being able to hold a permanent job. It may mean that the employee lacks loyalty or it can be associated with negative traits such as lack of focus/ direction, immaturity or inability of meeting the standards set by the previous company.

Not everybody is fortunate enough to hop from one job or company to another. There should be limitation to this habit especially for people who may have families to support. Sometimes, it is not about what you want about a job. It is about finding what you can want about your job. Because after all, all jobs can provide a sense of fulfillment to every person.

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