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Call Center Job Loyalty

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The call center industry has the reputation of having the lowest rate of employee retention. Many factors contribute to this concern including the contractual nature of most employment relationships, the on-a-project basis of accounts, the inability of some employees to adjust to the regular night shift work schedules of call centers, and the personal preferences of some agents to hop from one company to another. This situation is not really a problem because of the huge supply of manpower available. This only becomes a problem if the company is unable to retain the best call center staff. Here are a few tips to build loyalty at a call center company.

Keep staff motivated. Everyday is a new day. And everyday should be treated as if it were the last. This should be the underlying motto that managers must keep in order to treat the present a gift and always try to endeavor to make the most out of it. The same attitude should be imparted to staff so that they remain motivated, energetic and productive.

Reward length of service. Company should recognize the length of stay an employee gives the company through additional pay grade level, additional incentives like more vacation leave privileges and other rewards such as additional benefits. Loyalty cannot be attained if old employees receive practically the same salary levels, benefits, and privileges with new employees.

Personal and career development. This can be essentially achieved through promotion in which jobs of old employees are enlarged meaning they are given greater responsibilities, greater scope and of course with the corresponding bigger pay. People only stay loyal in a company if they see that they also grow in the company as they stay longer. Else, they will look for others which promises greener pastures for career growth.

Continuous training. As part of the personal and career development of an employee, companies should show their commitment to the personal welfare of employees by keeping their employees abreast with the latest skills or technology in the industry through training.

Job Rotation. Employees especially agents in the call center industry practically do routine work every day. While this can lead to specialization, diversity is still important as a spice of life. Employees could be assigned to rotating jobs or be assigned to a different account with different but related work.

Participation. Employees become loyal to a company if they feel that they are needed. Being loyal to a company entails being part of it. Managers should therefore find ways/activities in which employees become actively engaged or involved with the company to an extent that they would feel a sense of familial belongingness to the organization.

Informal management. Employees spend practically a great portion of their lives inside the office and should therefore feel at home with their colleagues and their bosses. Instead of maintaining a strictly formal atmosphere, managers should also treat employees in a relax, casual and friendly manner.

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