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Call Center Life

Posted on February 23, 2016 | No Comments on Call Center Life

If you have been working in the call center for a while now, you would know that there are lots of different comments from other people regarding your job. Some of them appreciate the fact that it is not easy to take customer calls and help a total stranger over the phone whop doesn’t even speak your vernacular. There are also some who think that sitting in front of the computer talking to customers for the whole eight hours seem so laid back that does not deserve a mean salary. If you are not a call center agent, you might be one of those who wonder what really is like to be inside the operations floor and be involved in the action. This article will provide you with some ideas.

Once the queue starts, it never stops. It’s true – call center agents sit in front of the computer and take calls eight hours straight, sometimes even more. However, it’s not as easy as it seems to be, because for the entire shift, there will be non-stop talking especially if the volume of calls is too high that the agents cannot accommodate them all sometimes. Just imagine yourself talking for eight hours with a deep breath as your only rest. Not that easy, right?

Customer service slash shock absorber. Irate callers have already become a chunk of the call center agents’ lives. There are even trainings conducted on how to handle these irate and difficult customers. Although they really are not dissatisfied and annoyed with the agent, but with the situation, agents can’t help but recognize their disappointments through empathy and patience.

We rely on the performance metrics to keep our jobs. Metrics like average handling time, productivity and quality assurance are all recorded and graded, and each agent must be able to hit the required level of performance. Thus, there is no room for slacking and being laid back. Every call should be treated the right way, for one wrong move might make or break your career as a call center agent.

These are just some of the major things that happen inside the operations floor. Being a call center agent is not an easy job, unlike what some people would like to think. It requires a lot of patience and a certain amount skills in order to keep the job. So the next time you are being asked how do you think it’s like, keep in mind that it’s not that simple.

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