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Call Center Lifestyle in the Philippines

A lot of people are curious about the lifestyle of call center agents because they hardly see each other. This is because call center agents sleep during the day and is awake during the night. While rotating schedules may be available, some agents prefer working on night shifts because they are already used to the night lifestyle.

So what exactly is the night lifestyle of call center agents? Well it’s typical of a day time worker. One logs on their computers and either wait for a call from clients (for inbound agents) or start calling clients (for outbound agents). Depending on the season and the account, the number of calls to be received would basically determine if agents would be busy or not.

When it comes to eating, most agents eat in fast food restaurants for meals. Eating in fast food is the most convenient way to satisfy hunger especially because call center offices are in the heart of highly urbanized community where fast food is the cheapest food. There are times and places where there are night markets where more variety of food is available.

During breaks, some agents will be seen sleeping on couches in quiet rooms. Some go outside to have a chit chat with other agents. A lot of the agents are either smoking a cigarette or drinking coffee to fight off sleep or fatigue. This is one of the negative lifestyles of call center. A great percentage of agents are engaged into vices. In some cases especially during paydays, many younger call center employees, mostly singles go out in groups in favorite hang spots for agents to have a drinking spree to unwind. Aside from drinking beer, they also sing their hearts away in a karaoke bar. Some more daring agents have a quick drinks of beer before their shift begins, which was supposed to accordingly perk them up for work or keep them immune or unaffected to the complaints and insults they hear from clients.

The lifestyle of call center agents is one of fun and weary. Many young adventurous yuppies enjoy the nightlife although some health experts warn of the health risks that many agents face. In any which way one sees it, lifestyle is a greatly a matter of one’s preference. One may yield to the temptations of vices or may not. One’s lifestyle is ultimately a personal choice.

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