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Call Center Management Strategies

Call center management is a very broad subject that can be overwhelming for a professional hands-on supervisor to undertake considering the time constraints. However, there are simpler approaches to call center management that comprehensively covers the different factors crucial for effective customer service delivery. Effective service is comprised mainly by three major components namely effective people, effective processes and effective technology.

First of, effective service delivery should be clearly defined and established. How do we measure effective service delivery which will serve as the standard or objective by which we shall gauge service? For most people, it all boils down to financial performance. Effective service delivery is that delivery which generates the most revenues, which is rather obscure or vague.

Another approach to establishing effective service is by conducting survey and focus groups to customers. Customers who are the recipients of service are in the best position to know what effective service is. Supplementing this approach is the use of objective measures that cover across industries where the company belongs.

After defining what effective service delivery is, management should focus on the components of the service. First on this list are effective people. In a call center company, the customer service is actually provided by the human resources or agents per se. Thus, the agents or personnel should have the necessary qualification, training, attitude, motivation and knowledge about the product and service the company offers. The success of a call center company heavily relies on its human capital.

After the manpower requirements are effective processes. Effective processes refers to the internal processes, policies, routing procedures and practices in the company. This includes all processes from the efficient hiring process, training process, orientation process, process of handling calls, process of routing calls to upper management, compensation process, scheduling process, among many others. There are many processes inside the company, which should be systematically efficient. These processes should also be flexible in order to respond or cope quickly with the dynamic changes in the business environment.

Finally, effective technology is the final crucial element for an effective customer service. Technology in a call center company especially pertains to the IT infrastructure that serves as the backbone for communications of the company and for facilitating customer service to customers usually abroad. This technology included the individual workstations of agents (computer, headset, microphones, telephones, etc), Internet cables, server, Internet service provider, back up, UPS, and generator, among others.

Managers basically need to look at all these three crucial components systematically. A failure in one component would render the whole customer service process or delivery inefficient or incompetent.

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