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Call Center Marketing Strategies

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One of the biggest disadvantages of virtual communications is its impersonality. Because people do not deal or interact with each other face to face, one is not really able to measure the sincerity and honesty of both parties involved in the communication. Thus, honesty and trust are two unwritten rules that people risk in any form of virtual transaction.

This is a major problem in the call center industry especially for outbound calls or marketing calls. Because potential clients do not know the agent, who for all we know can be on the other side of the world, it makes it a little difficult to close a deal or a sale with people. In lieu of which, the call center marketing professionals are constantly development marketing strategies to enhance or improve the effectiveness of call center marketing. Hereunder are some the strategies that are now currently used.

CRM stands for customer relations management. In the call center industry however, the initial C is treated to stand for conversation instead of customer. With this, CRM in the call center industry emphasizes on conversation because it is through conversation, which is done virtually over the internet that an agent or a company can build a rapport with their customers. With this, Call centers focus on conversational strategies to win the heart of potential clients. One technique practiced is the use of open ended questions. Instead of immediately jumping into explaining or giving clients with information about products, call center agents try to facilitate a spontaneous dialogue with clients to empathize and make an affinity with them.

Technology has lost its competitive value per se in the information world because everybody has it. Instead, it is how people use technology that creates competitive difference and advantage over others. In the case of call center, it is important the agents knows how to properly use technology to have a better understanding of their potential customers. The internet is not just a communications medium; it is a source of information. Call center agents should use the internet to conduct research about their potential customers and learn more about them so that they learn their weaknesses, strengths and needs and ultimately know how to approach them and have conversation with them and build relationships.

Following the emphasis on conversational marketing, call center agents must maintain dialogues with clients as mutually engaging. One should not dominate the communication. Instead, customers should be given a sense of control in their interaction. In other words, ideas are exchanged, questions are exchanged, and answers are exchanged rather than the agent just asking questions or the only one talking.

Finally, all services, information or idea that the agent gives to the potential client must be relevant. While the questions that the agent gives are open ended, it is important that these should relate to the client’s job, needs, skills, or desires. At this point, researching and knowing background of the client is important to enable customize one’s questions to fit the background of the client. Instead of memorizing standards questions and answers, agents must learn to be flexible and adoptable to tailor fit their questions, approach, discussions and topics that are appropriate to individual clients.

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