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Call Center Messaging Do’s and Don’ts

Messaging is generally another way for communicating or conveying information and meaning, which is a central activity that call center agents perform in the execution of their duties. However, messaging involves written communications whereas agents normally conduct verbal messaging when servicing clients. In as much as verbal communications is important to customers, non-verbal messaging is also important especially in notifying clients. Hereunder are some do’s and don’ts in messaging.

Be brief. There is a reason why pagers, SMS or Twitters only allow a limited no. of characters in its posts. The restriction is based on the typical attention span a person can provide to such messaging system. If it goes longer than that, people become bored and uninterested with the message. Being brief means focusing on the sending the main message without the embellishments or further explanation or discussion which an email or literature can provide. Besides, messaging are almost always used as a means for notification hence, the message should immediately get into the point.

Speed up. Short messages are meant to send notices, notifications or points that need urgent transmission. This is exactly why messages are made short and sent quickly. One way to accelerate the messaging system is to automate it. Instead of having an agent prepare it, companies can simply program a standard reply for similar cases that is quickly transmitted to customers.

Clarity and Legibility. Clarity pertains to formulating a message the provides a clear message of what to do or expect. Legibility pertains to the physical clarity of the message so that it can be easily read by customers.

Over send. Over sending the same message creates a different message. For instances a simple “yes” or “no” is intensified when said three or more times. It may signal a wrong idea or customers may misinterpret its meaning. Once or twice is enough. But sending them more than that may indicate a wrong meaning and impression.

Use the same message for everyone. Some companies who automate their messaging system fail to consider different customer needs and thus require different responses. Standardizing a messaging system may be vulnerable for mistakenly sending an irrelevant message to customers, which can disconcert customers because of the very impersonal nature of the service.

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