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Call Center Mock Calls

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One of the common tools used by the call center industry in training employees and evaluating applicants is the simulation tests. A simulation test is basically a test that replicates the actual work of a call center agent. This is usually through the use of mock calls in which a pre-recorded call is made to which the employee must respond. Some mock calls are live in which a supervisor, trainer or evaluator acts as the customer and the employee must make the corresponding response.

The mock call may be known to the employee or not. In most cases, companies use mock calls that are not divulged to the employee so that the agent would really know how it feels like to be in the actual work. This will also force the employee to take the call more seriously on the presumption that a real customer is really calling. However, whether a mock call is known or unknown, applicants or trainees must always take calls seriously because they will be evaluated in every call they take.

The mock calls in a call center would try to simulate a variety of customers with different characteristics and real life issues. For instance, a mock call for a technical support agent might involve a call of an old man who is partially deaf, irritable and is not tech savy. In which case, this call will not only test the agents ability to deal with a customer with difficulty in hearing, to pacify an irate infuriated caller but also how to establish rapport, effectively diagnose the client’s problem in spite of his limited computer knowledge and ultimately address the customer’s needs.

In another situation, a mock call can be made by a calm and young customer who is only asking for information about his account. In which case, the test would evaluate an agent’s effective response in complementing the attitude of the customer. In other words, the mock calls would essentially depend on the type of call center service that one is assigned, engaged to or trained about. The mock calls are then diversified to simulate different situations, scenarios, issues and customer attitudes. Thus, the simulation test using mock calls is the ultimate test to check how a potential agent would actually fare in the job.

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