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Call Center Morning Shift

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The upsurge of the call center industry in the Philippines is mainly attributable to the business process outsourcing of foreign countries abroad. This means that most of the call centers operating in the Philippines cater a market or customer abroad, which due to geographical distance or locations often has time differences.

Although most call centers in the Philippines operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the bulk of their operations is during night and midnight shifts because these are the working daylight hours of their corresponding clients on the other side of the world.

This scenario ultimately translates to more Filipino call center workers working on the night shift schedule instead of the regular working hours of 8AM to 5 PM. Such norm in the call center industry had become a major concern to call center workers as they tend to be deprived of the “normal life”. Basically, they need to sleep when everybody gets up to work and they get up to work when most everybody else goes to sleep.

Working at night also makes them more vulnerable to the creatures of the night or criminals who prefer to work at the dark. These problem boils down to many call center worker craving for call center morning shifts.
The term morning shift varies in different companies. To some, it starts as early as 5 AM, to others 6 AM while for others 8 AM followed by 8 hours of normal service. However, the main idea for morning shift is that it usually follows the daylight shift when all people typically works. But is that ever possible to a call center whose clients are abroad? Well it is. Most call center companies have morning shifts which caters clients calling at night on their end.

Moreover, some call center workers also work in the morning especially those doing support operations like administration, human resource recruiting, and accounting processes among others. The bulk of the agents working in local call centers also work in morning shifts. For instance, telecommunications like Globe and Smart who obviously cater the Filipino market have mostly morning work shifts to serve their Filipino clients during the times when they are mostly awake and may need for their service. Same is true with financial institutions or credit card companies. Apparently, the best time to call delinquent credit card holders to remind them of their duties is in the morning. Some people even turn off their phones at night so that they won’t be bothered in their sleep.

The point here is that there are many opportunities for call center morning shifts. However, because of the large supply of workers, getting a morning shift call center schedule is very tough if not limited. Besides, if working for a call center that caters foreign clients, the morning shift schedule could be very boring because there would be very little calls to be handled. Nevertheless, working in a call center morning shift obviously had the major advantage of working on regular hours and living a normal life that is one gets up and work when most every Filipino is up and working and one gets to sleep or rest when most every Filipino goes to sleep to rest or have a good time at night.

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