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Call Center Newbie

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A call center newbie is basically someone who is new in the industry. He could be a new graduate who had his first job in the industry, an old graduate who finally found a job, or a career shifter who tried working in a call center for the promise of a better pay. Whatever the background of a newbie, there is one thing that makes one a newbie in a call center, which is one’s unfamiliarity of working as a call center employee.

Being a newbie is really not much of a problem. Practically all companies have their own orientation and training programs that will provide new recruits a general and in depth understanding of the call center operations from the concept of outsourcing, the contact industry, the detailed operations of the call center, a background of the company, requirements for survival, among many others. If a newbie or a potential newbie wants to get ahead of the game, one can opt to research and read in advance. There are a multitude of resources about the call center industry in the Internet. More than half of it may not even be necessary to know for a typical agent but knowing half of it could entitle one to be a manager or even a potential owner.

Knowing, however, is just half of the real deal. Experience is still the best teacher. For instance as a newbie, one would know the need for adjusting to the night life because of the night shift schedule of work. It is easier said than done. Once you’re into it, you’ll better understand the concept of sleep deprivation and would be more lenient on understanding some agents who tend to indulge themselves in smoking and drinking to cope with the pressure. But it’s really up to the newbie to adjust and maintain a high level of cognitive thinking to overcome these seeming setbacks in the life of a call center employee.

As a newbie, you will be given all the necessary trainings, tips, advices, coaching and counseling to excel in your trade and survive in the game. However, no training will tell you how to be happy to what you are doing, which is really the secret to survive and excel in one’s work. The happiest people in the world regardless of their circumstances including work for that matter are those with the healthiest social life. These are people who live their lives in the company of the people they love such as family, friends, and co-employees. Thus, the secret to survive in the call center industry is to have friends, who are reliable, nice and good influences. Hence, one of the major things that a newbie in a call center or to any industry, must do is to find friends. And one should do this proactively instead of just waiting for them to come by.

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