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Call Center Online Payslip

Posted on January 16, 2018 | 4 Comments on Call Center Online Payslip

A pay slip of basically a document or a piece of paper that often comes with your salary/ pay, which provides record or data of how much money one has earned including other accounting details such gross pay and deductions including government mandated deductions (SSS or GSIS contribution, Pagibig, withholding tax) and other deductions (loans, insurance, absences). The pay slip thus explains why are you receiving this much salary.

The payslip is also known as paystub, pay advice, or even paycheck stub. In less formal organizations, a pay slip would simply constitute a plain piece of paper on which the amount of pay is written, just so that an employee or worker can double check how much money one will be actually receiving.

An online payslip is essentially a digital copy or electronic version of the typical payslip document that an employee receives. However, instead of receiving a paper document, an online payslip is a softcopy version of the payslip which an employee can access from a secured payroll system in the company intranet or the Internet. Companies that implement payslips usually get rid of the traditional payslip printed on paper.

The practice of providing online payslips had been adopted by many companies including those in the call center industry for its many benefits. One obvious advantage with online payslips is the savings from supplies and effort in printing payslips on paper. This also complements the company’s effort of becoming green by reducing their environmental impact on using paper. Online payslips can easily be accessed by employees 24-7 in the Internet at the convenience of their homes, which saves them time from lining up at work just to get it.

Time spent for which can be used more productively for work. Moreover, online paylips usually includes access to historical payslips, which employees may need and easily print in support for loan or mortgage applications. Aside from the typical information in payslips, some companies can provide further information in online payslips without the hesitation that it might cost more because the document need not be printed. Payslip information can be more detailed including benefits, or bonuses received as well expense claims, which in turn enhance employee-employer relationship because of greater transparency.

Finally, online payslips also encourage the use of the other self-service functions available in the company to make employees self reliant.

Not all call center companies had adopted online payroll systems that allow its agents to access their payslips online. Qualfon and Sitel are just two call center companies that implements online payslip system. CPI Outsourcing is company that can provide the secured online system for private companies to implement an online payroll system which included allowing online access to payslips.

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  1. 14/02/10

    how can i avail the e-payslip in my computer

  2. 14/02/12

    please download my pnp payslip in the computer so that i can produce it for my consumption thank you..

  3. leslie ligsay Reply

    hi i didnt received any confirmation or notification on what is my username and password to retrieve my payslip online.can you send it to my email address my username and password as well asap.

  4. SPO2 Edward B. Banggawan Reply

    Good Afternoon Ma’am/Sir: This is about the error entry number of my loan in AFPSLAI that it appears in my pay slip for the month of August 2014 is 36 moths that it should be 28 moths left payable in my loan in AFSPLAI. Thanks and good day and hope for your action to solved this matter.

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