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Call Center Perks: Keeping You Informed

Have you ever wondered why most people these days apply for a job in the call center industry? It’s not just about the high paying salary but it is also due to the fact that there are so many call center perks and benefits that they can enjoy once they work in this particular environment. Let us identify some of the things that call center agents benefit from just by working for business process outsourcing companies.

  • The compensation that they get in terms of allowances is pretty rewarding. These benefits are given to them each month, some of which are technical allowance, transportation allowance, meal and rice allowance. The added pay will surely make your paychecks bigger. There are companies who give their meal and rice allowances in a form of a meal card. They have their own canteen in the company and agents just need to present the card to avail of the free meal.
  • Medical coverage is also being given to employees to ensure that their health is given the attention that it needs. Medical coverage may vary depending on the company that you are working for. Additional beneficiaries may apply depending on the HMO coverage being offered.
  • Sick leave and vacation leaves are given to employees and just in case they were not able to use their leaves, it will be converted at the end of the year and additional pay will apply. This is beneficial for people who are hardly uses the leaves allotted to them because they can be sure that they can get a huge amount at the end of the year.
  • Some call center companies have spas and gym in the workplace. This allows agents to relax during their free time. Gym memberships will be a thing of the past because you can use the gym anytime as an added benefit of being an employee for that company. We all know that taking calls everyday can be pretty tiring, not to mention the fact that you get shouted out each day by irate customers. Call center companies understand the stress that their employees go through that’s why they have spas to give their agents the chance to have the relaxation that they need.
  • There are companies who have sleeping quarters were agents can sleep just in case they had a long day at work and they can’t afford to go home anymore. There are call center agents who live far from the workplace and these quarters are provided for them to have a place were they can rest especially of they don’t want to go home during the wee hours of the morning.
  • There are those who have game rooms and recreation rooms to ensure that their recreational needs are met. Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, PS4, billiards table and computers with internet access are just some of the things that they can play with during their breaks. This will allow agents to forget about their irate customers for a moment and have a good time at least for a little while.

• Christmas parties, annual parties and team buildings are done every year so agents can have a social life outside of their workplace. Free drinks, food, free gadgets and the chance to go to other places are just some of the wonderful perks when you attend these events.

The call center perks & benefits that agents can avail of may vary depending on the company that they are working for. Even if the job is a bit stressful, the compensation and the benefits that call center agents get are enough to make them forget about the stress that they get each day from customers who keep on complaining.

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