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Call Center Pick up Lines

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Pick up lines are essentially off the rack or spontaneous dialogues typically used by men to initiate a dialogue or a conversation with a woman. These are lines that are intended to flatter, catch the attention, stimulate interest or cause a woman to smile which is the first step to get to know a girl with whom someone wants to talk to and perhaps establish a friendly relationship. Pick up lines have recently become popular in the Filipino pop culture following the media frenzy about it, its use in commercials and its incorporation with the equally popular pinoy rap duels as popularized by “Bubble Gang” comedy show of GMA 7. While it must be noted thought that the idea of pick up lines was actually borrowed from western style of courtship, the use of pick up lines had become ingrained in today’s Filipino pop culture which is primarily used for entertainment purposes and not actually for picking up girls.

In the call center industry, the use of pick of lines is popular primarily because a great majority of the industry is comprised of the young generation, who are in dating ages. In fact, if you are looking for a partner in life, one opt to work in a call center company because there is a great chance that one can find single men and women equally looking for partners in life. Since call center employees are the kind of employees who are western oriented, which constitutes part of their training, the use of pick up lines to actually engage a stranger to a conversation is most probably utilized. As such, many single male call center agents are fond of learning pick up lines in order to win women and hopefully find the lifetime partners.

There are numerous sources of pick up lines in the Internet. One can even ask any young kid for advices. One can even come up with their own that relates to their circumstances for a greater impact. One example that especially applies for call center workers is as follows: “Panggabi ka ba? Bakit? Kasi para kang bituin sa mata ko…”. More generic pick lines that applies to anybody is as follows: “Parang wala ako sa sarili ko.. siguro nasa sayo ako..” “Hindi nako mahuhulog sayo.. kasi pagkasama kita lumulutang ako. “

While these pick up line may sound corny, the diversity of pick up lines that Filipinos can think off definitely reflects the inherent innovativeness and romantic nature of Filipinos.

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