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Call Center Promotion

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Promotion in a call center takes a lot of hard work and determination. Promotion is a special concern among call center agents because promotion to a team leader or a supervisor position is often very limited. Promotion is highly competitive because one needs to compete with 200 or more agents equally vying for the position.

There is only one obvious way to get promoted and that is to work harder. Working harder should ultimately translate to greater productivity and outputs. This means one is able to handle more customers efficiently and gets high customer satisfaction. In the case of outbound call center agents, this translates to more sales that is directly creditable to you. Finally, working harder should mean contributing more in creating wealth or generating income for the company.

Working harder means attending one’s scheduled work religiously. Whether it’s day time shift or graveyard shift, working harder means at perfect and punctual attendance. Perfect attendance is not missing any of your work while punctual attendance means coming on scheduled time.

Working harder means doing more work than the call of duty. Aside from one’s regular working hours, one also makes oneself available as replacement for absent employees. Aside from scheduled shift, one volunteers for schedules during which companies expect heavy calls or during holidays. Aside from one’s work, one volunteers for other types of job like organizing agents, working as part of adhoc committees and others.

Finally working harder means commitment to the company. And this commitment can be shown by proactively participating in discussions and consultations with agents especially in suggesting ways and process to improve the company. This initiative shows that one is capable of giving more than what the company is asking. One’s participations and suggestions also shows one’s leadership and management potential that can incite management to promote employee to positions, to which they deem one is more fit and one can contribute more to the company’s success.

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