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Call Center Recruitment Policy

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The recruitment policy of call center companies is one of the most rigorous and thorough procedures across all industries because the call center agents hired by the company is the very product or service that represent the company’s brand. Moreover, the recruitment process is one of the most hectic and demanding functions of a call center company considering the high rate of employee turn over in the industry and the high rate of continuous growth.

While most companies utilize different recruitment policies, which often form part of their secret trade, most companies have similar processes in recruiting, hiring and orienting a new employee or agent. First of, most companies employ different channels to reach out to potential applicants such as through buddy referral program, in which the company gets recommendations from existing company employees, job fairs or mass hiring events, advertisements in offline (newspaper) and online job sites or directly through the company websites, among others.

Initial interview is usually conducted over the phone in which headhunting agents or HR employees initially assess the communication skills of a prospective applicant and is usually invited for a face to face interview. The personal interview is then supplemented with verbal and written exams. The written exams usually include grammar skills and sales and customer skills, internet proficiency and personality assessment (i.e. Interpersonal skills and professionalism). Successful applicants are usually hired initially as trainees who undergo a rigorous training and are paid a certain amount allowance for the training. A simulation test may be conducted and other series of interviews until one is finally assigned into an actual account for actual practice.

Although one may finally be hired, the new employee continuous to undergo monitoring and evaluation by team leaders, supervisors and managers for retention. It is during this probationary period that a call center employee is really evaluated if one is indeed capable and willing to work in the call center considering the demanding nature of the job and the night time schedule which could be distressing to many people.

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