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Call Center Retention Strategies

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Retention in the call center industry is important for the profitability and success of a call center company. It reduces/avoids turnover costs such as recruitment, selection, orientation, training, lost productivity, vacancy costs and customer impact costs. Call center retention enhances customer service productivity which results to better service and more satisfied customers. It improves better employee morale and loyalty which all boils down to better profitability that translates to success. Hereunder are top retention strategies by call center companies.

Set a model. Create a profile of an ideal employee which will serve as the benchmark for the qualification and trait standards that employees must try to achieve. This includes the set of qualities that will most likely stay in be productive in the company which will form part of your recruitment process.

Develop employee. People needed to continue to grow by learning more. Provide continuing training for employees so that they feel that they are growing and improving their skills. This can also be achieved by reassigning them in different accounts where they can further expand their knowledge.

Develop managers and promote employees. Career growth is important not only for one’s financial growth but also for one’s sense of personal fulfillment. Instead of hiring new managers, supervisors, leaders or officers, company should develop their employees and hire internally or fill vacant official positions using their existing roster of employees as priority.

Run a high-performing organization. People want to work with the best. If the company is able to establish itself as one of the premium companies in the call center industry, employees will take pride in working in the company and stay.

Provide rewards, benefits and recognition. Employees stay in the company because they feel that they are needed and appreciated. This can be achieved by providing rewards to performing personnel. The rewards can come in the form of incentives and benefits like bonuses, gifts, transportation, certificate of recognition, among others.

Chance to own company. Employees don’t only want to be workers, they also want to be part owners of the company. Provide opportunities for employees to be part owners of the company which will increase their love for the company as they feel that they are owners as well.

Short talk from the bosses. It is an honor for employees to be given special personalized attention individually. Bosses like presidents or CEOs should spare a short time to congratulate newly regularized employees.

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