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Call Center Salary (Entry level to highest position)

Working in a call center is a very fulfilling job. In the Philippines, if you work as a call center agent can receive a good pay and eventually will be promoted. That is why many job seeker as a call center agent wish to land a job as an agent. Compensation perse is the main reason of it all. Unlike any other jobs offered by other company the BPO is the choice. While other call center companies are different in terms of salary and compensation packages, there is a basic requirements or a standard return plan that is agreeable to the majority of these companies. The very main reason of course is the compensation the working employee desired. Any applicant particularly the call center agent is scouting on where company offers the highest salary in the market. After comparing the salaries and benefits of the company by means of asking friend who works in a certain company or applying personally can decide on where to apply and commit a decision to work.

The basic payment for a call center agent are the following; The minimum salary for a call center agent as a beginner ranges from PHP12, 000.00 for 8 hours of work given by an agent. The one hour unpaid lunch break is excluded for the payment. There is a night differential that ranges from 15%-20%. This is important because the employee works at a night shift, which is very dangerous for them at night unlike in the daytime. The healthcare card inclusive of personal and immediate family coverage, benefits like this is the most important for the agent to have, we all know for a fact that hospital bills are very high nowadays and without a health care card the agent might lessen his/her savings. The good thing is that even the immediate family can enjoy the benefits the agent also has. The government benefits which anyone who is working in a government as well as in the private institution has a PAGIBIG, SSS and Phil health benefits. These benefits are good and easy to avail if needed by the agent to avail. The annual salary at least will have an increase for the call center agent boost his/her interest on the jobs. There are a number of leaves hat has to be given by the company to their agents. And this leaves upon regularization on the agent to avail. The best part in working in a call center is that it has many perks and bonuses, these also includes the performance incentives and bonuses. Bonuses are required by law to be given to the regular workers in a company. If working with conviction on the company, it is just right that there should be a performance bonus that will be given. Perks like team building and others are just least of their offered to their employees. The major benefits are usually the exciting and rewarding moments to receive as an agent.

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  1. jp Reply

    Hi, I just want to ask something, I am a student and last 2 days I applied in a call center company. After the interview I got the job but he told me that as a beginner my salary is php9000 per month??
    I haven’t heard and read the incentives and benefits??
    Should I complain or not??
    I wish that you could reply.
    Thank you..

    • Shiro Reply

      Get to know the details of allowances and other benefits first before you decide whether you want to take the job or look for another job. Should you find it less than what you need/expect, you are always free to ask if that is the best offer they can give you. There’s no harm in asking questions but be sure to ask the personnel in a polite manner as it may give them the impression that you are only after the benefits they can give and that you have no commitment for the job itself.

  2. mimi Reply

    Is the basic salary the same for all BPOs? Or does some known/larger companies have higher basic salaries than others? Specifically, is the basic salary for Convergys the same with Genpact?

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