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Call Center Salary Scale

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The call center industry in the Philippines relatively provides higher rates of salary compared to other industries. A starting salary could be as high as P15,000 a month, which is kind of rare in most other white collared industries. Because of the diversity of the call center company policies, the location, the type of employees, qualification of employees, and other factors, the salary scale in the call center industry is very broad from P10,000 to over P100,000. Apparently, those belonging in the lower range between 10,000 to 15,000 pertains to newly hired call center agents, those in P20,000 to P30,000 range are senior regular agents, while those in the higher salary ranges pertain to team leaders, supervisors, managers, and other officers.

However aside from the salary or remuneration of call center employees, professionals interested in working the industry should also consider or count the other benefits that are equally enticing. These other benefits also varies from company to company and may include night differential pay, 5 day leaves, transportation allowance, meal/ food allowance, medical insurance, sample products, discounts and other non cash items.

In most cases, call center companies combine a mix of salary and benefits in preparing a package for the total compensation of an employee. Some companies may offer low salaries like 10,000 but provides generous benefits to compensate for the small salary. Some companies however, provide a high remuneration to as much P18,000 starting salary but does not give other incentives like transportation allowance or meal allowance.

A potential employee should therefore try to weigh which one is important to you or make decision on the basis of other factors, such as inflation and devaluation of peso, location, etc. For instance, a transportation allowance should be given greater consideration if for instance the employee lives far from the office. Meal allowance may also be given especial consideration if for instance the office is located in a highly urbanized district where the cheapest meal is over P200.

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