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Call Center Scorecards

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As simple and easy as it may sound, call center job would also require you to hit some targets. These targets, other time called metrics, are the numbers that would determine just how well you perform as an agent. There are various metrics that you need to hit in order for you to acquire additional pay, incentives and other bonuses, and also, metrics that you need to hit in order to keep your job. What are these metrics that can be seen in your scorecards? Here are the basic.

Attendance. This is applicable as well in any other jobs. However, this is one of the basic and important metric in your scorecard. Every minute counts, and so, tardiness, even for a minute will no longer give you one hundred percent on your attendance sheet. This is the easiest to manage, though, because all you have to do is go to the office on time or even earlier than usual.

Average Handling Time. This is the number of minutes that you spend in talking to the customer over the phone. This is to gauge on how rapid you can provide assistance to the customer. Normally, the call should not run more than four minutes, but that depends on the account that you are handling. If you are on the technical team, then longer average handling time is allotted.

Quality Assurance. This determines on how well you perform during your calls. A QA analyst will listen to your call, either live or recorded and see how well you assist the customer, if you are following the standard operating procedures and the recommended call flow. This is usually one of the basic but the most crucial, because this also determines how well you know the product and services that you are offering to your customers.

Productivity. This determines the number of hours you spend over the phone in total. If you are asked to take calls for 7.5 hours every shift, then you scorecard should show the same in productivity. This is where the higher ups would know if you really are doing your job during working hours or you are wandering somewhere else.

These are just the basic metrics that almost all call centers have in their agents’ scorecards. Depending on the account, if it’s sales, financial or technical, there are additional metrics that you would see in their scorecards. Performance is a must, to be able to acquire those incentives and other perks, and even the simple fact that you want to keep your job.

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