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Call Center Screening

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The human resource of the company especially in a service oriented company such as a call center is the most critical aspect of the organization as the people per se is the one delivering the services. Thus, screening is very crucial function of the human resource department to ensure that the company gets and hires the right kind of people for the job.

Screening is a process of identifying or investigating the backgrounds of a person for potential employment to the company. This includes verifying the accuracy of authenticity of the applicant’s claims as indicated in one’s resume, conducting a background check of the prospective employee for any criminal history, sanction or ban as well as other information that has a direct bearing on one’s capacity to be employed or any other matters that will affect the company.

A great portion of the hiring process of any company involves screening. In the call center industry, it usually starts with a phone screening process during which HR personnel calls an applicant who applies to the company. Phone screening is the first step in the screening process in which the quality of voice of the applicant is evaluated as well as the overall quality including clarity, sensibility, and confidence on how an applicant handles or responds to the call.

Phone screening is an indispensable tool in the contact center industry because it is basically involve in remote communication services usually via a telephone or VOIP. Unknown to many applicants, the simple call from the company inviting one for an initial interview is already a phone screening process. The next screening phase is the initial interview, which is often conducted at the headquarters or the office of the recruiting company.

The initial interview is usually conducted by a specialist from the company HR or a staff who will conduct a more detailed and through examination of the applicant’s speaking skills, attitude and confidence. Personal interviews are important because it provides HR a better assessment of the employee potential. In some cases, some companies conduct their initial interview through the phone. This helps save time in screening the multitude of applicants that look for work.

The next screening stage is the written examination. This exam will test the applicants’ aptitude as well as emotional quotient (EQ). It is usually comprised of different sets of questionnaires to test specific skills of the applicant in Math, logic, English and others. The examination often ends with a psychological exam, which is used to determine the personality, strengths, weaknesses and values of the applicant. Most call center included a simulated call exam as part of the screening process.

This allows applicants to get a feel of the actual job in practice and allows the HR to get a glimpse of how the applicant will fare in the actual job. The final interview as it implies is last interview that the applicant undergoes. This is usually conducted by a senior HR officer who will further screen other competencies of the applicant including customer service skills, marketing skills and technical skills. The interviewer will give the final recommendation if the applicant will be hired for training or not.

The screening process in a call center is rigorous and one needs to pass every stage of the screening process to finally get the job that he wants.

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