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Call Center Script Preparation

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In the call center industry, the call script plays an important role because the communication of the customer service providers should be correctly framed in order to achieve customer satisfaction and loyalty or in the case of outbound call center agents, to generate better sales leads for the company.

In preparing a call center script, it is important to keep the customers in one’s mind by putting oneself in the shoes of a customer or client. Hereunder are tips in preparing the script.

Keep it short and simple. By short, this means the script should be less than 2 minutes. Going over 3 minutes makes the script complicated and difficult to understand. This can be achieved by eliminating irrelevant information and keeping short sentences. By simple, this means the script should use lay man’s term (no technical lingo) because the main objective is to facilitate understanding.

Be clear. Clarity is not only achieved by short and simple scripts. Clarity is also achieved by clarity in verbally delivering the script. At the very least hence, the greetings should be easy to remember and to pronounce. One way to prevent this is by avoiding the repetition of consonant sounds, which could sound like a tongue twister. Any error in greetings at the onset is a no-no, which causes an agent to immediately lose credibility. In lieu of which, it is equally important to memorize the script by heart and continue practicing its toning and stresses until one can articulate it in a natural and conversational manner.

Make it friendly. Since the script is in customer service, making it friendly is integral. By friendly, this means that the script should use welcoming, sociable, and gracious words like “thank you”. It should also be delivered in a conversation or casual tone compared to a monotonous robot or a threatening investigator or collector.

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