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Call Center Spiff

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Spiff in the Philippine call center industry can mean two things. First of, a spiff generally pertains to a program aimed to motivate employees through a contest in which prizes or rewards can be won. This is usually applied to sales personnel in order to increase their productivity. The spiff basically would involve identified personnel to compete against each other or as a team to reach a certain goal usually a sales quota or objective. And those that garnered the highest sales or the quickest to reach the objective are given rewards or prizes for the feat. The spiff can be made within a designated time frame. This is usually done to improve the performance of individuals or teams.

Spiffs are common in the call center industry especially those engaged in sales or telemarketing. This is basically intended to boost agents to work harder towards achieving the goal which ultimately translates to more revenues for the company or more satisfied clients. There are many innovative ways to create a spiff to be more effective.

Some companies innovate spiffs by focusing on the rewards for the contest such as providing gifts, bonuses, and spousal or family prizes, among others. Some spiffs innovate particular goals to be achieved. For instance, instead of focusing on the number of customers, the contest will measure the value of sales, or the number of new customers generated, or the number of sales leads, or the number of returning customers, among many others. Still, others innovate spiffs by offering it on a certain time frame such as weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly.
Running short term spiffs can refresh the motivation of agents to work. Another way to create spiff without necessarily requiring employees to compete toe to toe is by awarding the personal best of individual employees. In which case, agents compete against themselves and try to better themselves to win the prize. Spiffs had become a conventional strategy in call center companies to improve productivity and performance of agents.

Secondly, the other meaning of the term Spiff, in the Philippine call center industry, pertains to a magazine that is especially designed for professionals working in the call center industry. This magazine contains different information about the call center industry including profile of different companies, tips on call center operations, fashion, where to eat or invest, health and other matters that concern people in the call center industry.

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