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Call Center Staff Evaluation

Evaluation of employees does not end upon one’s recruitment, it is continuously undertaken as part of the monitoring strategy of management to ensure that personnel continuous to adhere to the standards and objectives of the company. Evaluation is also conducted to measure performance of employees to determine need for further training as well as bestowment of recognition and promotion. Evaluation in general is part of a company’s overall total quality management. But how exactly are call center employees evaluated. Knowing how can definitely help an employee know how to focus their strengths and efforts in the work they do and look good in the eyes of management.

There are different ways a company conducts evaluation. The most basic approach is to check the performance of an employee based on the performance metrics explicitly set by the company. For instance, employee performance is measured against how far is an employee is able to maintain one’s adherence to the strategic intent of the business including vision, mission, values, company objectives, ability to position brand or achieve determined customer strategy. In the operations of the company in particular, this metrics may include assessing an employees performance in terms of how well one is able to carry out assigned roles and responsibilities in a team, establishing one’s strengths, weakness, opportunities, and threats, How well one is able to identify problems and formulate plans and solutions, execute appropriate documentation and how well one delivered and facilitated customer interaction.

In a call center company, call analysis is central in agent evaluation. This included the categorization of calls, its frequency, call flow, and evaluating the comprehensives and efficiency of an agent’s script and faithful compliance to call guidelines. It also emphasizes the individual and personal skills of an agent in handling calls such as the ability to build relationships with customers and effectively address customer requirements, problems or needs.

Since customers are ultimately the judge of an agent’s service, customer experience rating forms a vital part of call center staff evaluation. This evaluation conducted by customers basically pertains to the perception of a customer of how an agent was able to meet their needs or goals. This normally includes assessing rapport of customer relationship if there was positive emotional connection, the achievement of productivity and efficiency in customer’s time, and evaluation if the customer’s relationship with the company has improved or lessened.

Finally, another common approach to call center staff evaluation is using the competency model development. In brief, this approach essentially uses the job description of the employee and its determined qualifications and competence required to execute the tasks, are used as the measure to which employee performance is evaluated. This included the ability of the employee to efficiently, effectively and successfully execute the identified jobs and tasks assigned to one’s position, the possession of the employee of the skills and proficiency required for doing the job, other standard behavioral criteria in the office as well as the overall contribution of the employee to attaining the objectives of the organization.

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