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Call Center Staffing

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As a service industry whose principal service is primarily delivered by people, staffing and hiring human resource personnel is crucial for the success of a call center company. This becomes even more important considering the high attrition rate across the industry, which further demands a more efficient system of finding, recruiting, hiring and keeping the right people for the company.

Call center staffing and hiring is one of the busiest support functions of call centers because of the high employment turnover rate across the industry. Employees simply come and go. This is also true because of the fast growth rate of the industry as companies continue to expand promoting old employees and seeking for new employees and new companies enter into the bandwagon requiring new employees and pirating key employees of other companies.

Filling up vacancies is not an easy task. The job is so demanding and meticulous that some call center companies outsource their recruitment operations so that they can concentrate on their core operations. But since personnel to be hired will ultimately constitute the service that a call center will provide on which one’s quality and excellence is measured, the need for companies to closely monitor and manage one’s hiring and staffing remains very crucial.

As part of managing the hiring and staffing process, general guidelines should be set for companies to follow in the conduct of the said function. Chief of them is the need to clearly define the competency standards required for the job particularly in terms of communication skills, customer service skills and IT skills. The evaluation of prospective candidate should be comprehensive encompassing one’s personality, values and culture, to ensure that they fit well with the values and culture of the company.

The recruitment process should closely involve existing managers and supervisors of the company who have the hands on experience on how people are being managed. These managers and supervisors equally have the experience to evaluate if a potential employee will indeed complement or mesh with the company goals and culture.

Finally, the company should have excellent an effective interviewers, who clearly knows to psychologically assess people’s strengths, weakness and potentialities in their personalities and not mere interviewers who check the competence of applicants in terms of communication skills, which is the common mistake. Communication and customer service are skills that can be learned through training but personalities matter most because they are products of years of development, which cannot be changed overtime or a few months of training.

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