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Call Center Telemarketing Skills

Telemarketing refers to the marketing, promotion and sales of a product or service to identified potential and prospective buyers. It is one of the most challenging jobs in the call center industry. Telemarketers are often engaged in cold calling hence the chances of disturbing or bothering clients is high. There is also a great chance of getting rejected and discarded by the customer. In lieu of which, a telemarketer must indeed be equipped with the right skills to be able to rise above these barriers and challenges that comes with the nature of the job.

As any other call center agent, communications skill is valuable for a telemarketer. Aside from a clear voice to convey messages clearly, great tone to stress emotions, a telemarketer must also be well spoken and skillful in building rapport with customer. The former pertains to one’s articulateness that reflects professional refinement and attitude, which is important to gain respect of customer. The latter pertains to the ability connect and create an initial harmonious relationship with the customer at the onset. Good listening skills are integral in good communications skills.

To stimulate something or someone, one should equally be active or stimulating. In other words, telemarketers must possess the positive attitudes in order to effectively transmit the same attitude to the customers towards buying products. A positive attitude included confidence or a sense of assurance to oneself, motivated and vibrant to effectively inspire and drive people to do something, happy or in high spirits and reflects sociability and enjoyment in talking and dealing with people.

A telemarketer is not on his/ her own. A telemarketer works in a team for a team. Teamwork is therefore critical in the job. Without which, a link in the chain would spoil and disintegrate everything. Teamwork involves clearly following direction particularly roles and tasks assigned to you, contributing your fair share and dedication to the achievement of team goals and partaking and sharing the success of the group to all members of the team regardless of one’s contribution.

Finally, being organized and systematic is a skill that a telemarketer must have. These refers to the acts and behaviors that allows one to address and perform all works or tasks to be done, properly prioritizing which tasks should go first or which clients should be called first, and optimizing the work in order to do as many work as possible and be more productive. This is important in marketing in general, because time is of essence in sales. A telemarketer may be a second too late to miss an opportunity as a competitor had already closed a deal with a prospective client.

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