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Call Center Terminable Offenses

Terminable offenses are always applicable in any job. However, there are some offenses in other jobs that are considered forgivable, but are a definite no-no when done in the call center industry. Yes, although call center job may seem easy for some, there are those few among the many who cannot help but take the offenses. Here are some of those offenses.

Sleeping on the floor. If in some jobs, if you are caught sleeping by your supervisor, you may be given a warning, or being reprimanded by any other means, but not immediate termination. Although in some call centers, this sometimes can be a forgivable offense depending on how lenient your supervisor could be, most of the time, this is a terminable offense. So if you feel like you cannot fight the urge to doze off in the middle of a long graveyard shift, spend some of your lunch time in the sleeping area and take a power nap.

Call avoidance. Whether you dropped out the customer’s call while the phone is ringing, or you dropped the call in the middle of your conversation – anything that has to do with hanging up with the customer is considered call avoidance, the one considered as the major terminable offense. Of course, being in this job, you are expected to take calls and so you should do it efficiently and effectively. Avoiding the customer’s call is like refusing to job that you’re being paid for.

Rudeness and profanity. Rudeness and profanity are of course, a no-no over the phone. Most probably, this is also true in any job that does customer service. Being a customer service representative, you must always be polite and nice, even if the customer may seem difficult. However, of course, you are not being paid to tolerate your customer’s profanity and insults. If you call comes to that, avoid retaliating, instead, do the spiel provided to you to warn the customer that you are going to release the call if he or she continues to use profane words.

Fraud. This is very true especially to those handling sales. Using the customers’ credit card number for your own purchases or putting products in the customers’ account without their consent or approval is considered fraud and may even guarantee you arrest and jail.

These are just some of the major offenses that can merit you termination if you are in a call center. These offenses can be easily avoided, really. So if you wanted to stay longer in the BPO industry now you know the things to avoid.

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